GCSE Leisure and Tourism

Choice of travel – other considerations

For business travellers or people who are travelling to visit friends and relatives, their destination is chosen for them. However, for people going on holiday, their choice of destination can be determined by a number of factors. Information about factors influencing customers choice of travel method can be found here. However, there are a number of other considerations which determine where travellers choose to go on holiday.


Health Check Very Fit On Monitor Showing Healthy Condition


A person’s health can be a consideration when travelling. An elderly person with limited mobility for example may choose a destination with a good local transport system and good healthcare.

The hygiene is a country can also influence people’s choice to visit. The tap water available in some areas is not safe for drinking for example.


Diseases and precautions 


There are still many countries in the world where diseases such as cholera, yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis are common. A tourist may need to have inoculations (injections to protect against) against these diseases in advance of travelling. This would be a particularly important consideration for people planning to go on holiday at short notice.

Insect bites are another consideration. In countries with tropical climates, a bite from an infected mosquito can cause malaria. Sometimes travellers choose not to go to destinations with tropical climates for this reason.




Security at airports and seaports 

Airlines have restrictions on the items which can be taken on board planes. Due to the threat of ‘liquid bombs’, liquids such as creams and gels are limited in the amount which can be taken on board as hand luggage.

Airports and seaports also have strict passenger screening procedures. Luggage is passed through scanners and passengers must pass through metal detectors.


Passports and visas 

If you want to leave the country in which you live you must have a passport. Passports are designed so that they can’t be forged easily and they provide extra security for airlines to know who is on each flight.

A visa is an official stamp or form in a passport which allows the passport holder to enter a country. The purpose of a visa is to prevent illegal immigration, to track criminals and to help maintain security.

Security on public transport

At train, bus and underground stations security is also an important consideration. Unattended luggage for example will be removed from the building. At major public transport terminals such as major train and underground stations, there are also security guards who are often armed.