GCSE Leisure and Tourism

Tourism jobs

Activity 1 – Read the information below and make notes (click here if you are not sure how to take notes)

Travel clerk 

Travel clerk

Travel clerks work either in a Travel Agency, from home as an independent travel agent or over the phone.

The main duties of a Travel Clerk include: 

  • Filling in booking forms
  • Collecting deposits
  • Checking and giving out tickets
  • Helping customers to find a suitable holiday
  • Making bookings


Cabin Crew 

cabin crew

The main duties of a member of cabin Crew include: 

  • Giving on board safety demonstrations
  • Selling duty-free products
  • Serving food and drink
  • Undertaking pre-departure inspections of the plane
  • Showing customers to their seats and ensuring hand luggage is put away



Tourist information Centre staff 

tourist infomation

The main duties of a Tourist Information Centre staff  include: 

  • Answering customer questions face to face, over the phone and over email
  • Making bookings (For coach trips for example)
  • Setting up information displays
  • Giving out leaflets and timetables
  • Selling guide books and merchandise


Resort representative 

holiday rep

The main duties of a Resort Representative include: 

  • Organising and hosting welcome meetings
  • Answering customer questions and complaints
  • Organising or booking trips and excursions
  • Organising children’s activities
  • Meeting customers at the airport
  • Dealing with customer problems such as lost luggage or cancelled flights

Tour guide

tour guide

The main duties of a Tour Guide include: 

  • Take tourists on walking tours of destinations
  • Giving directions and other information to tourists
  • Conduct open-top bus tours or sight-seeing tours
  • Give tours around museums and galleries


Activity 2 – Complete the Exam Questions Below

Question 1

Tourism Questions

Question 2

Tourism Questions