GCSE Leisure and Tourism

Leisure jobs

Activity 1 – Read the information below and make notes (click here if you are not sure how to take notes)

Fitness instructors 

gym instructor


The main duties of fitness instructors include:

  • Teach and train people to do exercises and use the gym equipment
  • Run fitness classes
  • Offer advice on diet and exercise and develop personal exercise and diet plans for customers
  • Monitor the misuse of equipment

Lifeguard at a pool and on a beach 


The main duties of lifeguards at a pool include:

  • Give advice on water safety
  • Giving first aid
  • Supervising swimmers

The main duties of a lifeguards on a beach include:

  • Patrol the beach
  • Detect hazardous conditions
  • Giving first aid
  • Give up to date information on weather and beach conditions


Park rangers


The main duties of Park Rangers include:

  • Fix signposts and  stiles
  • Answering questions from the public and local communities
  • Developing signed routes and policies for visitors to parks and National Parks
  • Work with volunteers to run events and workshops for schools.

Cinema Assistants


The main duties of Cinema Assistants include:

  • Selling and taking tickets
  • Introducing films at the start
  • Selling food and drink
  • Cleaning screens


Leisure centre receptionist


The main duties of a leisure centre receptionist include:

  • Setting up memberships
  • To take bookings for facilities e.g: Squash and badminton courts
  • To advise customers on the use of facilities
  • Deal with customer complaints and problems

Children’s‘ party host

kids party

The main duties of a children’s party host include:

  • Meet and greet party guests
  • regularly communicate with parents and children about what they want at the party
  • Serving food and drink
  • Organising and leading party games and entertainment


Activity 2 – Complete the Exam Questions Below

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Leisure Jobs

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Leisure Jobs


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Leisure Jobs