GCSE Leisure and Tourism

Holiday types

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Holiday types 

Holidays can be classified by:

  • Booking method – Package or independent (These are talked about more below)
  • Destination – Domestic, inbound or outbound
  • Length of flight – Short haul or long haul
  • Purpose of travel – holiday, short break, special interest, business, etc

Package holidays 

Traditionally, package holidays were put together by a tour operator and sold through travel agents. However, a lot of customers now book package holidays online or through tour operators directly such as Thomas Cook and Thomson.

A package holiday includes one set price for a variety of different components., This might include flights, accommodation, transfers and car hire. There are different packages available depending upon what the customer wants.

A package holiday can be convenient for customers because:

  • One set price
  • If you want to cancel or change your travel plans you only have to deal with one company.
  • Peace of mind that everything is booked for the correct dates etc.



Independent holidays 

Independent holidays are often popular with domestic travellers. An independent holiday means that each separate part of the holiday (Flights, accommodation, car hire, transfers etc) are booked and paid for separately. This can be more convenient for customers if they have particular requirements but it also means that it is up to the customer to book everything themselves.


Domestic holidays 

Domestic holidays are holidays which take place in your country. For example going from Hull on holiday to London would be an example of a domestic holiday.



An inbound holiday is when a tourist comes IN to a country from outside it for a holiday, For example, when someone who lives in Paris comes to visit Cardiff for a holiday.



An outbound holiday is when a tourist leaves the country in which they live and travels OUT to another country for a holiday. For example, when someone who lives in Newcastle goes on holiday to Majorca.


Short haul 

A short-haul is a holiday where the destination is a 6 hour or less flight away. Short haul destinations from the UK include all of Europe, North Africa and countries boarding the Mediterranean Sea.


Long haul

A long haul is a holiday where the destination is a 6 hour or more flight away. Long haul destinations from the UK include USA, Asia and countries in southern Africa.


Special interest

Special interest holidays can take place anywhere around the world and are linked with a particular activity or interest such as cooking, sailing, photography or painting.

Short breaks 

Short breaks are holidays which last for 5 nights or less. They are growing more and more popular as people choose to take several short breaks a year instead of a big main summer holiday. The top European city for short breaks is Paris, but some people travel as far as New York for a shopping trip.



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Holiday Types

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Holiday Types


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Holiday Types